How To Claim Hail Damage on Your Roof

Hail damage happens! If you're a new home or business owner, read to learn more about claiming hail damage through your insurance.
How to Claim Hail Damage - West Texas Commercial Roofing

Hail damage is widespread in West Texas during the spring, so ensure your roof is completely covered in case of harsh spring showers. If you’ve never filed a claim for your home, follow our steps to ensure a straightforward process.

1. Document Damages to Your Property

Documentation is vital when filing an insurance claim because your insurance company will want to ensure that all claims are accurate. After the storm, take pictures and videos of your property to send to your insurance provider. Capture any noticeable damages to your property, and take note of the time and date of the storm. Then, after thoroughly documenting everything, file a claim with your insurance. Your insurance will send an adjuster to inspect your property for damages.

2. Schedule an Inspection with Your Roofer

When you contact a roofing company to inspect hail damage, they expertly investigate damages to ensure that everything is repaired correctly. West Texas Commercial Roofing has free inspections and quotes for home and business owners. Our team will provide you with a full inspection report before communicating with your insurance company to ensure the costs work best for you.

3. Negotiate With Your Insurance

Review your insurance coverage and deductible before starting negotiations. Then, after inspections, communicate with your insurance company to negotiate your coverage. Once you settle the cost with your insurer, file your claim.

4. Contact Your Roofer to Schedule Repairs

Contact your roofing company to schedule repairs. When you choose West Texas Commercial Roofing for commercial and residential roofing repairs, you can ensure honest, top-quality services. We want to ensure that your roof lasts for years to come. 

Schedule your free inspection with us, and we’ll ensure that your roof is repaired with the utmost care.