Roofing Services done right.

West Texas Commercial Roofing provides full-scale commercial roofing services, including roof replacement, repair, and maintenance. Additionally, we offer residential roofing services.

Commercial Roof Replacement Services

With over 40 years of combined roofing experience, our team is qualified for roof replacements of any size or type. Our team is ready to serve your business and ensure that your business is covered with the best, from single-ply to foam to metal, shingle, and more.

Man on roof replacing shingles
Adam Dawson & Chase McDonald inspecting a TPO roof on Milwaukee ave in Lubbock, TX,

Commercial Roof Repairs

Roof repairs can be tricky and require a high level of experience and attention. Therefore, using a qualified roofing expert is best. Choosing an expert roofer can minimize risk and ensure you have a roof that lasts you for years to come. Give West Texas Commercial Roofing a call for a free inspection and estimate today.

Commercial Roof Maintenance

With high winds, dirt, and debris common in West Texas, routine maintenance is crucial to extending the life of your roof. Our team is proud to offer annual plans that will keep your roof in the premium health year-round.

Construction Workers Silhouette on While Working on Commercial Roofing Replacements.
A roofer wearing a hardhat smiling at another worker while hammering a nail into a shingle roof.
Residential Roofing Services

We’re proud to offer West Texas residential roofing services all year. We have qualified residential project managers that are as dedicated as your are to protecting your home with premium quality. Contact us today to get your FREE roof inspection!

Spray foam Insulation

Insulate your home or business with nothing short of the best. Spray foam insulation insulates and seals your home from air leaks resulting in up to 30% savings in energy costs annually. Other benefits include increased structural integrity and interior air quality. 

Roofing expert working on spray foam insulation services.
Protect your home or business
with the best
Roofing Materials

There are various materials to choose from, with a differing list of pros and cons specific to your property. Our project managers inspect your roof and inspect its current roof type, location, and risks to provide you with the information needed to help you make an informed decision that is best for you.

Our team consists of single-ply experts and typically recommends this type of application for flat roofs. Single-ply membranes can include TPO, EPDM, and PVC. The materials can be fully adhered, mechanically fastened, and retrofitted onto certain roof types. Single-ply minimizes seams and a range of potential issues caused by West Texas weather.​
Spray Foam
Spray foam roofing is a material sprayed as a liquid and quickly expands to create a solid layer on the roof. Foam roofs are easily maintained, seamless, self-flashing, and have a high R-value. Additionally, foam roofs can be quickly installed in certain cases where the previous roof does not require tear-off. Foam roofs can be cost-effective and minimize downtime.
Boasting durability and a long lifespan, metal is an excellent option for pitched roofs. As a result of its reflective properties, metal roofs can also save you energy and money in the long-run. Metal roofing comes in a variety of colors and shapes to fit or boost your building's design.
Shingle roofs are traditionally common in residential properties. However, shingle roofs on commercial properties are becoming more common for their effectiveness and cost-efficiency.