What to Expect During a Roof Inspection

Your roof inspection should be hassle-free. Learn more about what to expect during your roof inspection with us!
What to expect during your roofing inspection - West Texas Commercial Roofing. Serving Lubbock, Amarillo, Clovis, Midland, and more!

Finding a roofer should be stress-free. Whether you’re a new homeowner or shopping for another roofing company, we’re here to provide you with information that will simplify the process. Learn more about what you can expect during an inspection with our team of roofing experts.

Minimal Distractions During Inspection

We want to find times that work best for you, so we work around your schedule before starting. During your inspection, a highly skilled roofing contractor will thoroughly search for damage, including corrosion, missing shingles, pooling, and more, taking approximately 60 minutes, depending on your roof’s size.

Thorough Explanations

Rest assured, after the inspection, one of our highly skilled roofing experts will provide a detailed explanation of the damages and expectations so you can make informed decisions. Feel free to ask questions during this time! Our knowledgeable roofing contractors will share their expertise so you know exactly what to expect during your roof replacement. 

Pricing Estimate

Roofers will share an accurate estimate based on the damage they need to repair. Pricing depends on the type, damages, and size of your roof, so our team will explain the expected price based on your roof’s needs. 

Insurance Consultation

If you have home insurance, share your insurance provider’s information with our team. We will work with your provider to ensure that you have coverage to repair or replace your roof. 
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